RiversEdge Chorus is an extraordinary group of women who gather together in celebration of the art form known as barbershop music. We are a chapter of Sweet Adelines International.


We are available throughout the year for performances. 

Our popular performances include Patriotic, Slice of America and of course our popular Christmas performance package.  We can also tailor our performance to suit your needs.




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UPDATE - MAY 1, 2020

Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet in Spokane with all our Regional Sweet Adeline sisters from Washington, Alaska, Western Montana, Northern Idaho and Northern Oregeon for our Regional Competition this past weekend. All the choruses and quartets were disappointed,

but it couldn't be helped since this virus is still with us. 

However, our Region has some very adventureous and creative leaders, and they devised a way for us to meet on the Region's Facebook page and have a Virtual Competition! 

We all got our turn to be in the limelight for 10 minutes to present anything we wanted. 

Some did an array photos, some presented videos, and

everyone had a fun time just being in contact with each other. 

Many thanks to Sue Middleton and the Convention Team who put this together!

It was almost like being there......well, almost.

If you want to see how much fun we had and get acquainted with some of the choruses and quartets in our region, hop on up to Facebook and search for North by Northwest Region 13 Sweet Adelines and take a look at some of the chorus and quartet presentations.

We are still meeting for rehearsal every Monday evening at 7:00 on ZOOM!  It has been a great way for ust to stay connected and moving forward as we wait for the stay-at-home order to be lifted and we can meet again at the church.  If you want more information, please feel free to call our membership chair, Michelle at 253-223-4555.


MARCH, 2020

 a tiny, vicious little bug called COVID-19 came along early THIS YEAR

and ruined all THE PLANS OF CHORUSES ALL OVER THE WORLD AS THEY PREPARED FOR REGIONAL COMPETITIONS.   It has killed countless people and forced

the rest of us to follow a new directive of "social distancing." 

Our chorus hasn't been able to have a real rehearsal

for over a 6 monthS now, but we have discovered

a new way of having virtual rehearsals. THANK GOODNESS FOR ZOOM!!

We still meet, BUT IT IS ONLINE NOW, where  catch up, share some laughs

and of course, SING! 

It isn't perfect, but it keeps us together and moving ahead

while we wait for this horrible pandemic to come to an end.

it has touched almost everyone in some way or another.

Hopefully, in the somewhat near future, we will be able

to get back to some kind of normality.

Until then, stay strong, observe the directives, and WASH YOUR HANDS!



Before COVID, we were a normal chorus,

meeting every week to rehearse - the following

is a bit of news since we found our new Director


Since Bianca Dixon became our director in July of 2019, we have had a wonderful time.

Bianca is knowledgeable in both vocal production and the barbershop style of singing,

which she shares with us every week.  She is also full of fun and keeps our rehearsals

interesting and very enjoyable.  Most evenings, we are surprised that the rehearsal time

is almost over and it seems we just got started!  She is a real positive element for us!

We invite you to come see how much fun we have at our rehearsals!




As the administrator of our web site, I was going to take down the following picture from the website, since I put it up here several months ago.  However, since it illustrates the humor in our chorus, and Bianca still uses this tool to remind us about placement,

I decided to leave it up for a while longer!


There is a cute story behind the photo below:

When Bianca came to audition to become director of our chorus, she gave us a

little tip about how to focus our sound better.  She said "put your index fingers

under your nose, kind of like you had a mustache, and then try to sing a little

above your "mustache."  We tried it, and it worked well for us.

So, last night (6-17-19), when she arrived on her first night as our director,

we were all standing on the risers in our "mustaches" and shouted,


Needless to say, she was surprised and almost fell down laughing -

just the reaction we wanted! 

It was a great way to welcome her and let her know we are behind her 100%!!









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